The beginning

Welcome to Mildred’s Kitchen where you’ll be able to find tasty and nourishing food whether you fancy something comforting or refreshing.

I’m Mil and I live in London. I’ve always loved food, both eating and cooking, and I adore anything focused on big flavour with simple ingredients. If it involves garlic or cheese then I want it in my face. I also love seafood, pasta, veggies and salads.

There are some things you probably won’t find much of including marzipan or leaf coriander as I find both pretty grim, but I’m open to suggestions if there’s something I must try, so do let me know.

The main concern of this here blog is to record my experiments, celebrating successes and working out how to improve failures. As such the posting maybe a little irregular, and the photos occasionally non-existent – I’m afraid I have little skill behind the camera as yet – but if Joël Robuchon can publish a 606 page cookbook without a single picture maybe it doesn’t matter so much. (Or maybe I need a few michelin stars under my belt first.)

Grab a glass of wine, take a look and get hungry!

Mil x