Holy shit we’re moving to Berlin

Well folks, the title says it all, Harry and I are moving to Berlin.

I can’t say I’m not a bit apprehensive, but there are just a couple of weeks now (!) until we’ll be leaving our London flat for the bright lights of the hippest place in Europe. I’m not a massive fan of electronic music or bratwurst, but I do enjoy farmers markets and have a keen sense of environmental duty, so it might be just the place to feel like home. Maybe in time I’ll come to see the appeal of breakcore and texture-less sausages too!

I was offered the opportunity to go through work and we decided that it’ll be an adventure. Neither one of us has travelled that extensively or lived in a country other than the UK, so this is our chance to explore somewhere new and hopefully we’ll learn a new language while we’re at it. I’m hoping for a plentiful supply of beer, cheaper living and less rain than London has, which I’ve been promised by friends already there. Fingers crossed that they’re telling the truth.


We found out last week that we have a home to go to. A little flat with high ceilings and hardwood floors in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a stone’s throw from interesting cafes and restaurants, as well as walking distance to the centre of town. I’m looking forward to trying every single one and finding our feet in our new city.

We did some exploring a few weeks ago in various parts for the Berlin, and from Mitte to Kreutzberg to Prenzlauer Berg to Charlottenburg we were not let down with the food options in the city. Authentic Greek restaurants, famous kebabs and shawarma and the best pasta dish Harry has had outside Italy, Berlin is a truly international city. Living in London we see our fair share of global foodstuffs, but in Berlin the lower cost of living makes it much more accessible for us. Markthalle Neun is already one of my favourite places to go and bears testimony to the thriving food industry in the city. On a Thursday evening you’ll find stalls selling everything from wine and cheese to sushi burgers to ice cream to oysters to dim sum… you get the idea. So at least we know we won’t go hungry.

The aim is to move across on Easter weekend and start spring in new surroundings. Wish us luck and pass on all and any recommendations you may have!

Big thanks to Jess Saylor for letting me steal her pics of Berlin.