Free downloadable seasonal fruit and veg guide

I go on a fair amount about seasonal food. Every month I let you know what will be in season and that’s because it’s the way I plan what I eat, how I shop and ultimately what ends up on my plate. Eating food that’s in season means that ingredients taste better, that there’s less harm to the environment and some people say it’s more beneficial for your nutrition too.

For me the flavour element is key. There are few things worse than buying a punnet of strawberries in January, hoping to be transported to a memory of sunnier times, only to find out that they’re completely tasteless and it does nothing to dull the sound of the rain hammering down outside.

This is why when I’m planning my weekly food shop I always refer to a list of what’s in season. It gives me an idea of what to look out for and when, as well as some inspiration of what to whip up next. In fact I find it so useful that I polished it up and am sharing it with you so you can do the same.

Without further ado let me introduce some snaps from my seasonal fruit and veg guide. Click here to get it!

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